Federal mediator contacts AMPTP

Juan Carlos Gonzalez called in at request of SAG

The Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service formally contacted the AMPTP at the request of SAG to sit down and try to hash out the unsettled TV/theatrical contract.

A source close to the producers said federal mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez -- the very same one chosen last year to mediate talks between the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers and WGA prior to the writers strike -- contacted the studios negotiating arm Monday afternoon.

Gonzalez's call to the AMPTP was a result of SAG's national board passing a resolution Sunday agreeing to call in the federal mediator before taking the steps to ask its 120,000 members for strike authorization.

The AMPTP has not indicated whether it would participate in the mediation. In a statement Sunday it "no matter what SAG does -- whether it be authorizing a strike or following a different approach -- it will not change the harsh reality that currently confronts our industry."