Feds indict ex-Gemstar chief


Former Gemstar-TV Guide International chairman Henry Yuen was indicted Tuesday on a felony charge that he obstructed a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into Gemstar's alleged accounting irregularities.

In October 2002, the SEC began a formal investigation of Gemstar and its accounting activities from 1999-2002. Yuen was among those subpoenaed in the investigation, which required him to provide to investigators several items including all handwritten, typed or electronic correspondence and other documents concerning Gemstar.

The subpoena included documents on Yuen's computer. But according to the indictment, after Yuen received his subpoena, he deleted e-mails and Gemstar corporate documents.

Whether Yuen will ever answer to the charges is a mystery. He has disappeared, and the federal government is asking anybody who knows of his whereabouts to contact the FBI in Los Angeles. (partialdiff)