Feds Tweet Clue to 'House of Cards' Spoiler

House of Cards S03 Still - H 2015
David Giesbrecht

House of Cards S03 Still - H 2015

FEMA does not dig Frank Underwood.

[Warning: possible spoilersahead for the fifth episode of House of Cards, "Chapter 31."]

Government agencies have been known to try to spice up a dry Twitter timeline by throwing in some pop culture references.

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FEMA took the ball and ran with it, tweeting a clue to a spoiler for the third season of House of Cards. The federal agency, which oversees disaster relief, is taking issue with one of Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) key schemes. Without spoiling what happens, in the the fifth episode of season three, "Chapter 31," uses an important act in a way it was not intended.

We'll let the agency explain what it's meant for:

So far, House of Cards spoiler-phobic superfan President Barack Obama hasn't weighed in. But he did tweet ahead of the season two premiere last year that no spoiler would be tolerated.