Feist Makes Surprise Appearance at Mondrian Sessions; Baptizes Peaches in Sky Bar Pool (Video)

Tiger Tiger Photography
Feist (right) and Peaches

Canadian producer and songwriter Gonzales, who's currently working with Feist on her new album, draws unexpected guests to his Sunset Strip show.

Singer Feist made a surprise appearance at the Sky Bar on the Sunset Strip on Saturday, March 12, performing a cover of Tweet's 2002 hit "Oops (Oh My)" for the encore to Gonzales' Mondrian Sessions show. Then, plunging into the hotel's pool with electro-rocker Peaches at her side, the two baptized each other to the cheers of awestruck guests and shutterbugs.

Gonzales, who also goes by Chilly Gonzales, regularly collaborates with Feist and the two are currently working on her much-anticipated new album, her first since 2007's Grammy-nominated The Reminder. According to a source, Feist had been recording in a house in Big Sur, but she and Gonzales have since moved the production the Los Angeles.

It was always the plan for a special guest to appear as part of Gonzales' poolside show, but Peaches made an unexpected cameo mid-set serenading Feist with Tina Turner's "Private Dancer," as she just happened to be staying in the hotel. Says one onlooker: "[Peaches] has a good singing voice!"

For the encore, Feist removed her shoes as she launched into "Oops (Oh My)," which originally featured Missy Elliott, and slowly made her way into the Sky Bar pool while holding hands with Peaches. The Canadians proceeded to take turns dipping each other into the water -- Peaches baptized Feist first -- and once fully cleansed, the two ran out of the pool and back to their rooms, according to an attendee. Check out video below.

No word from Feist's label on when her next album may be released.