Felicia Day on YouTube's Geek Week and Returning to 'Supernatural' (Q&A)

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Felicia Day

The multihyphenate's popular YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry, has big plans during the video site's first geek initiative.

Felicia Day is synonymous with geek culture.

Talk to her for just 10 minutes and you get the sense that the multihyphenate is well-informed on the latest hot video game or fast-rising YouTuber. It's no wonder that with YouTube kicking off its first Geek Week on Sunday, it turned to Day and her popular channel, Geek & Sundry, to help host a day of geek-themed programming.

Dubbed Fan Friday, which takes place Aug. 9, Geek & Sundry — which boasts more than 612,000 subscribers — will highlight "fan-based, fan-driven or fan-subject content across the whole platform by creators great and small," Day tells The Hollywood Reporter

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Day, who created and starred in popular web series The Guild and recurs on The CW's Supernatural (she will return in season nine), promises that brand-new content will debut during Geek Week. "We also have a ton of programming throughout the week that is either geared toward Geek Week, is new for Geek Week or premiering new shows and personalities," she says.

In a chat with THR, Day previews the new programming that Geek & Sundry will premiere during Geek Week, her return to Supernatural and what she's excited about.

The Hollywood Reporter: Your YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry, is hosting one of the themed days during Geek Week. How did you become involved?

Felicia Day: They reached out to me and I was excited to be a part of it. I think it's an amazing opportunity to highlight all the diverse content on YouTube around a really great and recognizable theme. Obviously, my web channel Geek & Sundry is a perfect fit for a Geek Week celebration so we are excited to be a part of it. 

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THR: What sort of content will you be doing or debuting during Geek Week? 

Day: We have a special edition of TableTop that has Seth Green as one of the guests. He and Wil Wheaton are playing a Star Wars game, which is like the ultimate trifecta of geekdom: Seth Green, Wil Wheaton and Star Wars, as well as Husky Starcraft, a huge YouTuber. We're also premiering a brand new show called Outlands. (It will launch Aug. 6.) It was created by Code Monkeys creator Adam de la Pena. Code Monkeys was on G4 and it's an 8-bit style animation show that's 11 minutes long. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life — and it's set in space. It's about a group of misfits traveling the universe terraforming planets to be more friendly to consumerism. The quirky personalities on the ship. We're doing a special episode of Co-Optitude, which is a retro gaming show I do with my brother [Ryon]. We're playing Pokemon Snap, which is one of the most requested games. We're also doing a spoof on food competition shows. Everyone gets a surprise basket of ingredients in a geeky subject and they have to create a food sculpture in a short amount of time and we're going to have some really fun surprise celebrity judges for that. We're also going to be adding brand new personalities to our vlogging channel. We're announcing our new personalities at the beginning of the week and then we're going to roll out some of them as part of a Geek 101-themed vlogging channel video series. We're definitely going full force. 

THR: You're such a big voice in the geek world, so what are you especially excited about? 

Day: I'm super excited about gaming always. That's the thing that I geek out over, those are the vlogs that I'm surfing if I'm not already playing a game at night. I love gaming and I think that this year has been an amazing year for storytelling between Tomb Raider and Last of Us and BioShock Infinite. There's a level of storytelling that I feel is stronger sometimes than typical movies nowadays. I mean, Last of Us … it has such an impact on us because the story was so incredibly character-based and character-driven. It made braver choices than any Hollywood movie I've seen lately. I really feel like that's kind of a shift and it makes me want to be in that world even more than going to the movies sometimes. So I think that's a huge accomplishment, as well as the Renaissance in indie games. It's a lot easier to release an indie game now with Steam and other platforms, so some of the creativity that's coming out of there is mind-blowing.

THR: You're also returning to Supernatural. How excited are you to be back in that world again?

Day: I am so excited to return to Supernatural. I have to say that Charlie is such a gift. She is a genuine geek. She's just a really cool character and she happens to like geek things. I appreciate that because I understand from a mainstream perspective that you might start from a geek cliche and not go anymore deeply but Charlie is so multi-layered and they give me the opportunity to explore the character, which most guest stars don't really ever get. Some of the plans they have for this upcoming episode just blow my mind. I am looking forward to returning to Vancouver, at least once more but fingers crossed, they'll have me back after that.

THR: Should we expect to see more of you on the small screen or the big screen? 

Day: Since The Guild ended earlier this year, I've taken a break from writing but I have a couple projects I'm working on right now that I'm looking to get started as far as being a creator and actor again. I'm excited about them but they're just in the development stages right now so all my spare time is devoted to getting [them] off the ground, whatever platform they may be on.

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