Credibility of Felicity Huffman’s Parenting Site "Ruined" After College Scandal

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The website and social media accounts of What the Flicka have been taken down as of Friday.

The credibility of Felicity Huffman’s parenting blog is likely permanently “ruined,” says a marketing expert.

The actress, charged Tuesday in a nationwide college cheating scandal, ironically ran a parenting advice website called What the Flicka, which she founded seven years ago. On Friday, the website was taken down with the message “server default page.” Both the Twitter and Instagram pages are deleted, along with Huffman's personal accounts. 

LinkedIn lists more than a dozen nationwide writers and contributors to What the Flicka. Huffman offered advice on parenting, food, pregnancy, relationships and more — so what’s next for the brand in light of Huffman’s arrest for paying to have her daughter’s SAT scores increased by 400 points? 

Holly Jackson, lead influencer strategy consultant at marketing platform Traackr, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the site has now damaged its reputation since Huffman is directly connected with a crime.

“She has lost all sort of credibility and trust with her community,” Jackson says. “Her reputation as being a credible source is ruined for now.”

Jackson says the company will need to think about its next move and added that its path is unclear and there may not be “an easy way to recover.”

“That trust factor that she built up with this community, [she] immediately broke it by betraying everything that she sort of spoke out for,” Jackson says.

She predicts What the Flicka is trying to decide what to do next, perhaps laying low and trying to come up with a response.

THR reached out to What the Flicka for comment Thursday before the site was taken down.

Other repercussions from the nationwide scandal include brands cutting ties with Olivia Jade, the daughter of Lori Loughlin and a beauty influencer with millions of followers. Sephora and Tresemmé are among the sponsors to drop the blogger.