Felicity Jones on "Dodgy" Fashion Choices and Channeling Mick Jagger

Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Burberry
Felicity Jones

The 'Inferno' actress — and Hillary Clinton fan — was feted at a Burberry-hosted cocktail party at Chateau Marmont on Thursday night, in advance of being honored at BAFTA Los Angeles' Britannia Award.

With three major films coming out between now and the end of 2016, Felicity Jones has worn many costumes, so it's a good thing she finds the wardrobe "vital" to her character-development process.

"The costume is absolutely essential for the character," she says in Penthouse 64 at Chateau Marmont, where she was being celebrated by Burberry and Vanity Fair for her BAFTA Los Angeles' Brittania Award for British Artist of the Year. "I find so much through the costume, and it’s a really important dynamic between the costume designer and you."

When she's not working on set or on a red carpet, however, she's completely at ease in "saggy, masculine tailoring — shirts, high-waisted jeans, loafers. A Katharine Hepburn look," she says. Her favorite denim is by Frame (they also make a "lovely jersey top that I’ve just been wearing religiously") and J Brand.

But the 33-year-old Brit has come to be quite at home on the red carpet, too. She's drawn to ensembles that are "comfortable and easy. You find when you like something you start moving around a lot. You’re just like, 'Yeah.' You feel it. There’s a bit of movement and it’s immediate," she says. Beyond that, she doesn’t discriminate against colors or silhouettes, as long as they feel "alright" on the body.

To the Chateau Marmont cocktail party (which also drew Michelle Monaghan, Sarah Hyland, Derek Blasberg, Chris Hardwick, Cameron Dallas and Whitney Cummings), she wore a brocade Burberry pantsuit. We could perhaps take it as a nod to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the queen of the pantsuit, who would have Jones’ vote if only she were eligible to cast a ballot on Nov. 8. "It looks really positive, like Hillary is going to get it, which is fantastic," says Jones. "I’m a big supporter."

But admittedly the suit was not so much Clinton’s style as another boldface name. Says Jones of how she knew the ensemble was the one: "I put on the suit and then suddenly I felt like I was channeling Mick Jagger, which I just thought was the coolest thing ever. That was my modus operandi. Anything slightly Mick Jagger feels quite cool."

Not so much? Jones’ regrettable fashion choices from the early '90s, she recalls. "I was obsessed with shell suits; I don’t know what you guys call them. They were these silky, shiny suits — they were all the rage. Prince William and Harry had them, everyone had them. So it was the height of fashion, but now I look back and I think maybe that was a dodgy choice." Fortunately for Jones, there’s nothing dodgy about her style selections now.