Felicity Jones' Fashion Star Rises -- and So Does Her Stylist's

Felicity Jones Style Split - H 2011

Felicity Jones Style Split - H 2011

Last awards season, Oscar-winning fashionista Natalie Portman left the fashion press gasping as she showed up in one gown better than the next -- all the while becoming more and more pregnant.

As a result, her stylist Kate Young, based in New York, became a superstar. But if Young ends up having no big awards-season clients this year, another stylist will snatch her crown -- say Petra Flannery, who dresses Emma Stone, or Elizabeth Stewart, dressing Jessica Chastain.

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But veteran Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster had a good day on Monday: Her young client Felicity Jones became the spring 2012 face of Dolce & Gabbana makeup -- and she won the Gotham Awards breakthrough actor award in New York. This means Jones will be trotting around all of awards season -- and so, in turn, will Paster.

Paster is best known for working with Cate Blanchett up until a few years ago, and with Emily Blunt, and she worked with Kim Basinger and Minnie Driver when Oscar fashion was heating up in the '90s.

Jones is a good catch for her: The young actress can adapt any look -- 1960s, modern -- and she's the face of the fall Burberry ad campaign. She's got great lips and doe eyes, light skin and dark hair.

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So far, the Jones/Paster collaboration has been terrific: Check out the actress in Dolce & Gabbana, Proenza Schouler, Marios Schwab, Chloe -- a wide variety of assorted looks.

Jones also has Pati Dubroff, superstar makeup artist, working with her -- so you know she's going to wow on the red carpet between her clothes and her face. 

And Jones has already been cast in a host of new films, so she could be Paster's Carey Mulligan this year: a Brit gamine who looks really chic in clothes and whom every designer wants to dress.