Ferguson: CNN Reporter Sara Sidner Hit by a Rock Live on Air

AP Photo/David Goldman

She tells Jake Tapper that she's "been hit by much worse in her day" before continuing her field report

CNN's Sara Sidner was hit by a rock as she reported live from the front line of the protests in Ferguson, Mo. 

Speaking to Jake Tapper in the studio, Sidner was relaying her report of building fires that had been started in Ferguson when a projectile hit her on the head, which she said was a rock. After a few moments of disorientation and pain, Sidner regained her composure and continued her report, telling Tapper that she's been "hit by much worse" before.  

Earlier in the evening, CNN's Don Lemon, Van Jones and Chris Cuomo and their crew were hit by tear gas as police tried to dissipate angry crowds forming in the center of Ferguson. 

The protests in Ferguson continue to escalate in the aftermath of St Louis grand jury's decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown. Protests have spread to L.A., New York and elsewhere despite calls for calm from President Barack Obama.

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