Will Ferrell Proud to Be ‘Most Overpaid’ Actor

‘Apparently, I’m living the American dream without even trying,’ he says after topping Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors list.

Will Ferrell is not taking the dubious distinction of being named Forbes “most overpaid” actor too hard. In fact, he’s pretty happy with being on top of the list.

“Isn’t that the whole point?” the Megamind star told People magazine. “Aren’t we all striving to be overpaid?”

Ferrell found himself on the top of the list for the second year running earlier this month. Forbes found that every $1 Ferrell is paid, his films returned an average $3.35. Shia LaBeouf, on the other hand, is paid $1 for every $81 his movies earned, so he's the actor determined by Forbes to give the most boxoffice bang for his salary buck.

“Apparently I’m living the American dream without even trying,” Ferrell added with a laugh.

The star can be especially proud of Megamind, which ruled the box office for two weeks until the movie was knocked off by Harry Potter this weekend.