'Ferris Bueller' Ferrari House Hits Market Once Again

Meladee Hughes

The residence is listed at $1.5 million.

The house where Cameron Frye sent a Ferrari soaring out a window during Ferris Bueller's Day Off is again on the market. 

The four-bedroom, four-bath single-family home on 370 Beech Street in Highland Park, Ill., was recently listed for $1.5 million. The residence includes the main home and the pavilion, which is described as both car garage and guest house (and the scene of the Bueller Ferrari incident). 

The two buildings boast recently renovated exterior and interior work, including carpeting. And, yes, there's four car parking in the pavilion.

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In 2009, the house was listed for a reported $2.3 million. The heavily wooded surroundings are a stark contrast to the minimalist look seen in countless photos taken of the building. 

The residence was originally built in 1953, the Chicago Tribune noted. Carol Inkellis, the niece of occupants Ben and Fran Rose, has said that the pavilion's presence in magazines may have caught the eye of Bueller crew. 

"Long before the movie came out, the house had been featured in major architectural magazines, the pavilion must have been written up, too, when it was built; I’m guessing that’s how location scouts found it," Inkellis told the New York Times in 2009.