Festival de Cannes Announces Cinefondation's Atelier Selection

15 Filmmakers from around the world were chosen for the prestigious Riviera program focused on film financing and co-production.

PARIS - The Festival de Cannes’ Cinefondation has chosen 15 projects from filmmakers from across the globe for L’Atelier 2012.

The Cinefondation’s Atelier hosts organized exchanges where film directors can meet with experienced film industry professionals to talk about their projects and secure financing.  So far, 72 films have been made thanks to the program since it was founded in 2005 and 20 of those films are in pre-production.

This year, l’Atelier has chosen 15 projects from 14 different countries based on their originality and artistic promise.

The 2012 Atelier team includes: Malek Bensmail with Odysseys from Algeria, Alejandro Almendras with To Kill A Man from Chile, Pengfei Song with Underground Fragrance and Robin Weng with Du, Zooey and Ma from China, Marco van Geffen with In Your Name from the Netherlands, Mai Masri with 3000 Nights from Palestine, Mahmoud Al Massad with Blessed Benefits from Jordan, Shivajee Chandrabhushan with The Untold Tale from India, Dyana Gaye with Des Etoiles from France/Senegal, Pablo Lamar with The Last Land from Paraguay,  Ralston Jover with The Dog Show from the Philippines, Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt with Tristes Monroes from France/Portugal, Adina Pintilie with Touch Me Not from Romania and Manuel Martin Cuenca with Cannibal from Spain.

L’Atelier will run from May 18 – 25 in Cannes.