Festival de Cannes Plugs New Venue for Opening Ceremony

Household appliance giant Electrolux partners with the Festival to create a new beachside pavillion.

LONDON – This year’s Festival de Cannes will have a new home for its opening and closing ceremonies with the all new singing and dancing Agora Pavilion pitched beachside by festival partner, the household appliance  giant Electrolux.

Electrolux, a new big-name sponsor for the Cannes shindig, is putting up the Electrolux Agora beachside alongside the Palais and, in addition to the opening and closing events, will put on selected dinners.

In another first, the electronics giant is promising a “Menu de Cannes” final event. Leading gastronomy and lifestyle experts will cook for the official 2011 International Festival de Cannes Grand Jury in a competition designed to showcase their expertise in food, design and style.

Guests at the Agora will be able to watch the Electrolux chefs in the bespoke glass kitchen prepare the Michelin-star dining for all official Festival events – including Gala dinners.