Fest's Business St. expanded to 4 days


ROME -- The RomaCinemaFest's version of a traditional market will be expanded from three days to four when its second edition gets underway in October, a ranking festival official said Wednesday.

Dubbed the Business Street, the market will run Oct. 18-21, over the first four days of the festival. This year's festival concludes Oct. 26. The inaugural edition of the RomaCinemaFest took place Oct. 13-21, with the Business Street running Oct. 14-16.

The Business Street differs from a traditional market in that it does not feature stands or scheduled events. Instead, it provides only minimal staff and a location that acts as a meeting place for producers and distributors to discuss potential projects.

Ahead of the first edition of the Business Street, festival co-director Teresa Cavina referred to the format as "market lite."

The Street takes place in the heart of the city in a series of hotels along Rome's Via Veneto.