FIC shoots off '9mm' in Brazil


MEXICO CITY -- Fox International Channels said Wednesday that it has begun production on the police drama "9mm: Sao Paulo," its first original miniseries shot in Brazil.

Monshoot Pictures is producing four one-hour episodes for FIC. "9mm" revolves around the professional and private lives of a group of Brazilian policemen working in a homicide division. Shot in high definition, the series includes testimonies from real law enforcement officers and features more than 100 actors.

"The idea is to show how these policemen live, without falling into moral discourse," said Emiliano Saccone, senior vp marketing and entertainment at Fox Latin American Channels.

Michel Ruman is directing the series based on an original idea by Carlos Amorim, Roberto d'Avila and Newton Cannito.

"9mm" is FIC's second original production in Latin America. Earlier this year, it produced the suspense series "Countdown" under a production partnership in Colombia dubbed Fox Telecolombia.

"We proved (with 'Countdown') we could not only produce, at a lower cost, a product of enough quality to compete in primetime with American series such as '24' and 'Prison Break,' but we could also improve their rating performance," Saccone said. "The aim for '9mm: Sao Paulo' is to achieve the same results, but starting in Brazil."

"9mm" will air throughout Latin America next year.