Fierce Entertainment steps up acquisitions

Laurie Woodrow becomes senior vp international

BERLIN -- Los Angeles-based production and management outfit Fierce Entertainment is taking bigger steps into the acquisitions and distribution game.

Fierce, which already handles development, financing, production and distribution in addition to representation, has acquired Trans-Pacific Media, a privately held international consulting business specializing in the acquisition of independent feature films and representation of international distributors and financiers.

Trans-Pacific president Laurie Woodrow, a 20-plus-year international buyers agent, will become Fierce's senior vp international and relocate to the company's offices in Hollywood.

Fierce is hoping the move gives the company a leg up in the buyers agency biz.

The new entity currently represents more than 15 independent distributors in territories across Europe, Asia and Latin America, including DeaPlaneta in Spain, ZDF Enterprises in Germany, Dall'Angelo Pictures in Italy, Noble Entertainment in Scandinavia and CP Digital in Russia, making it one of the largest repping companies in the independent marketplace.

As part of the acquisition, Trans-Pacific partner Dan Griffiths is segueing to a new career as a full-time producer. He is prepping "An American Ghosting," to be directed by Christopher Duddy and starring Neil Patrick Harris and Jenny McCarthy.