British Comedian Showers FIFA President Sepp Blatter With Fake Money


“This is nothing to do with football," says the embattled soccer chief.

It's been raining bad news for FIFA president Sepp Blatter since the FBI arrested seven of the world soccer organization's executives on epic corruption charges, but he probably never expected it to be raining dollar bills. 

OK, fake dollar bills. 

British comedian Lee Nelson crashed a press conference Blatter was giving at FIFA headquarters, claiming to represent North Korea's soccer association. Nelson managed to fling the fake bills at Blatter before being taken away by security, but by then the image of the beleaguered president sitting there looking dumbfounded as the notes fluttered around him had already been snapped by the world's press. 

“This is nothing to do with [soccer] … we need to clean here first,” said a visibly furious Blatter before storming off the stage. 

Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, has made a name for himself in recent months after interrupting Kanye West's much-talked-about set during this year's Glastonbury.