FIFA Scandal: U.S. Asks Switzerland to Extradite Arrested Officials

FIFA headquarters HQ - H 2015

A decision on the requests for seven officials of the world soccer governing body is expected within weeks.

The United States has officially asked Switzerland to extradite seven officials of world soccer body FIFA who were arrested in May on corruption charges.

Reuters reported that the Swiss Federal Office of Justice said on Thursday that it has received the formal extradition requests.

The FIFA officials were detained in an early-morning raid in a luxury Zurich hotel at the end of May and have since been held in jails in the Zurich region.

The Swiss Federal Office of Justice said Zurich local police would give the FIFA officials a hearing on the extradition requests and give them and their lawyers 14 days to respond to the request, Reuters said.

It reported that a decision on the extraditions was due within weeks.

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