'Fifty Shades' Box Office: Country-by-Country Breakdown

Universal Pictures

The film adaptation of EL James' risque novel nabs $158 million offshore, the biggest launch of all time for an R-rated movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a worldwide dominatrix, tying up the biggest international opening of all time for an R-rated film with $158 million from 58 markets.

In North America, the Universal title is poised to gross a record $90.7 million over the long Valentine's Day and Presidents Day weekend for a global debut of $248.7 million.

The female-fueled film adaptation of EL James' S&M-laced romance novel likewise broke numerous records offshore, including securing the biggest opening of all time in 11 markets, including Argentina, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Ukraine. And in 31 markets, it was the top launch for a film with the equivalent of an R rating or greater, including in conservative countries such as the Philippines and Mexico. It ranks as Universal's top opening in 30 territories, while it is the top February start in much of the world.

All told, James' Fifty Shades trilogy has been translated into 52 languages, and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. In a smattering of countries where the book hasn't done brisk sales, such as in Japan, the movie likewise didn't generate big returns. But other markets more than made up for it.

"The universality of the turnout was amazing," said Universal international president Duncan Clark. "The results have been spectacular in places where the book was a big seller."

The movie, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, has five territories in which to open, including South Korea and United Arab Emirates. It's been banned in Malaysia and Indonesia and won't likely play in some Middle Eastern countries.

Here's a look at how Fifty Shades fared: 


The U.K. and Ireland, $21.5 million. Biggest opening weekend for a film with an ultra-restrictive 18 rating. It's also the ninth-biggest debut of all time, not accounting for inflation.

Germany, 15.2 million. No. 2 opening ever for a Universal title.

France, $12 million. Biggest Universal opening.

Russia, $10.5 million. Biggest opening for a film with an 18 or 16 rating, and biggest Universal opening.

Italy, 9.1 million. Biggest R-rated opening, and biggest Universal opening.

Spain, $7.9 million. Biggest opening for a film rated 18.



Brazil, $8.9 million. Biggest opening for a film rated 16, and biggest Universal opening.

Mexico, $8.1 million. Biggest opening for a film rated C.

Argentina, $3.8 million. Biggest opening weekend of all time.



Australia, $8.6 million. Biggest opening for a film rated R, and Universal's biggest non-holiday opening.

Philippines, $2.2 million. Biggest opening for a film with an 18 rating, and the biggest February debut for a foreign release.

New Zealand, $1.1 million. Biggest opening for an R-rated film.