'Fifty Shades' Cast "Safe and Sound" After Nice Bastille Day Attack

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan 50 Shades Premiere - Getty - H 2016
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Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan 50 Shades Premiere - Getty - H 2016

The production wrapped filming in the south of France on July 15.

Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, wrapped production in the south of France on July 15. The company had been filming Thursday, July 14, outside of Nice, France, where a truck drove through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, killing as many as 84 people.

The sequel, most of which filmed in Vancourver, had been shooting for a week in France. Producer Michael De Luca posted a message on Instagram July 15 that said, "Bittersweet wrap on the south of France, God bless this place and help them heal, amazing people. Amazing company and crew as well, thank you!"

The film company, which had been working on a location about 40 minutes outside of Nice, had wrapped production for the day on Thursday before the attack took place, and in a post on his Facebook page, producer Dana Brunetti wrote, "Production has confirmed that everyone working on location in the south of France is okay. Everyone has been accounted for and is safe and sound." 

He added: "Thanks for everyone's messages and concerns. Another sad day for France and the world."

The cast and crew, which includes Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan and director James Foley, has not been staying in Nice itself, according to sources familiar with the production, which has been filming in the French Riviera. Brunetti, who arrived in France on Thursday, posted an Instagram picture earlier in the evening of himself, fellow producer Michael De Luca and author and screenwriter E.L. James in front of the Casino du Monte Carlo, which is further along the Cote d'Azur.

July 15, 10:45 p.m. Updated with information that the film has wrapped filming.


E.L. James, author of the Fifty Shades books, also tweeted on Thursday in response to the "horrendous" Bastille Day attacks.