Steamy New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer Features Christian Wooing Anastasia

The second preview for the highly anticipated sequel also features more of Eric Johnson's Jack Hyde.

The second trailer for Universal's highly anticipated sequel Fifty Shades Darker debuted online today, with the opening featuring Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey trying to woo Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele.

"I'm not good at this — I never wanted to try again," Christian admits. Anastasia agrees to have dinner with him "because I'm hungry, but we're only talking and that is it."

While she grabs the check at the first dinner, at a later sit-down and elevator ride, things start to heat up.

The new trailer for the movie version of E.L. James' erotic thriller also features more of Eric Johnson's Jack Hyde and Kim Basinger's "Mrs. Robinson"-like character, Elena Lincoln.

Hyde, who plays Anastasia's boss, is shown telling her, "Your boyfriend has a reputation. Do you want to be kept or have respect?"

Meanwhile, Lincoln is seen saying, presumably to Anastasia of Christian, her younger former lover, "Do you think you're the first woman who's tried to save him?"

The sequel was directed by James Foley, taking over for Sam Taylor-Johnson, with James' husband, Niall Leonard, writing the screenplay. Dornan recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he felt much more at ease filming Darker and its follow-up, Fifty Shades Freed.

"A lot of the pressure of the first movie was gone. Essentially, I feel like all of that pressure when you're making the first of a franchise of [movies based on] books that mean so much to people that has so much attention on it, it can be quite paralyzing I think. I think a lot of that creeped in the first time around and it maybe affects the work," he said. "But this time, I know because the movie's made a lot of money, everyone's relaxed a bit so there wasn't that pressure to set the tone for the movies so I felt a little more freedom this time and it probably made it more enjoyable."

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters Feb. 10.