'Fifty Shades' Director Sam Taylor-Johnson Took Control on Set

Courtesy of The New York Times
Sam Taylor-Johnson

The woman tasked with taking the popular erotic novel to the big screen reveals how she handled making the hotly anticipated movie

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are eager to see how director Sam Taylor-Johnson brings EL James' erotic novel to the big screen.

Although the trailer and photos have surfaced, and James, along with stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, has talked about the film, Taylor-Johnson has remained mostly silent with respect to public comments about how she made the movie.

She opens up a bit, though, in T: The New York Times Style Magazine, as part of a larger piece about female directors.

Despite the high expectations for the film version of Fifty Shades and the fact that she'd only directed one feature previously, Taylor-Johnson says she wasn't daunted by the task.

"I tend to jump into big challenges as fearlessly as I possibly can, and this is definitely a big challenge," she tells the T Magazine. "But I didn’t feel like I was stepping into something outside my realm of thought or creativity. A lot of my work has dealt with sexuality and power shifts and identity."

Taylor-Johnson adds that she ran the set on the hotly anticipated film like that of a small indie.

She says that enabled her to make the environment such "that it didn't feel like we were doing something as massive as it potentially will be," she says. "I wanted to keep it quite close-knit so that everyone felt supported, especially because a lot of the material is sensitive."

In T Magazine, Taylor-Johnson also reveals three moviesand one female-directed sultry scene — that inspired her.