'Fifty Shades' Director: Both Sequels Are Happening

Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey - H 2014
Universal Pictures

Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey - H 2014

The first film adaptation of the popular book trilogy gets released in theaters Feb. 13.

Fifty Shades of Grey fans are getting good news before the first film even hits theaters. 

Fifty Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson attended an advance screening of the film Friday in New York City, where she told an enthusiastic crowd that the two follow-up books in the E.L. James-penned series would indeed be made into films, according to MTV News

As would probably be expected, the fans at the theater exploded with rapturous response at the news. 

The first film, starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and Marcia Gay Harden, centers on a student's romance with a troubled businessman.

The film, which faced a rocky path to fruition, hits theaters Feb. 13 and is heading toward a big opening weekend at the box office. 

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