'Fifty Shades of Grey' Gets 18A Rating From Canadian Censors

Universal Pictures

Teenagers 17 years and under can see the erotic movie with an adult chaperone.

Canadian censors will allow teenagers under 18 years old to see Sam Taylor-Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey uncut if they attend with an adult chaperone.

The Ontario Film Review Board has slapped an 18A rating on the Jamie Dornan- and Dakota Johnson-starring movie version of the steamy EL James novel. That means teenagers 17 and under can't attend without a parent or guardian due, in this case, to nudity, sexual content and "disturbing content."

Also on Monday, Fifty Shades received a more restrictive rating in the U.K. than in North America (the hotly anticipated novel-to-movie adaptation was earlier granted an R rating by the MPAA in the U.S.) with the British Board of Film Classification suggesting an 18 certificate, meaning no one under 18 can see the film in U.K. cinemas.

With Canada's films classifications varying from province to province, censors in Manitoba and Alberta have so far followed Ontario and given 18A ratings to the film. Film classifiers in Quebec and British Columbia, where Fifty Shades was shot, have yet to rate the movie.

The Ontario censors in their Fifty Shades rating don't appear especially hot under the collar about the erotic movie. They cited "occasional upsetting or disturbing scenes," and partial or full nudity in "a brief sexual situation."

Fifty Shades hits Canadian cinema screens on Feb. 13.