'Fifty Shades of Grey's' Christian Grey Composite Photo Uses Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, David Beckham (Poll)

A British professor uses police software -- and bits of Chanel's new face Brad Pitt -- to create a hypothetical portrait of the sexy sadist character's visage.

Hollywood is already planning a movie version of the best-selling erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Naturally, this has all of the armchair casting agents out there tossing out names of actors they'd love to see play the lead role of the sexy sadist.

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Some names being bandied about to play Christian Grey include Ben Barnes, Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, Matt Bomer, James McAvoy, Christian Bale, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Reynolds, Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender (the latter of whom is our personal favorite).

One woman -- apparently also a fan of the books -- has used scientific photo composite software to create a mug shot of the sexy sadist.

A British professor, University of Central Lancashire's (UCLan) Dr. Faye Skelton, used various parts of male celebrities faces based on female readers descriptions of the book’s protagonist.

Seems most of the women included male star’s names in their fantasy ideas of Grey. So, Skelton cobbled together hair from Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt, the new face of Chanel,, eyes from Patrick Dempsey, Johnny Depp, recently named the CFDA's 2012 Fashion Icon, the face shape of Armani underwear poster boy David Beckham, a nose like Chris Hemsworth, Beckham and Pitt’s jawlines, and finally, and inexplicably, Val Kilmer’s lips.

Dr. Skelton used efit, a software used by the British police to create composites of criminals.

Dr. Skelton told the Daily Mail: "While we don't want to intrude on anyone's fantasies, based on a small sample of women, this is the image of Christian Grey they have in their heads when reading the novels. Personally, I think he's quite handsome, although everyone's interpretation will be different."

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Hmmm. The only reaction we have to this composite is: (A) it's really creepy and (B) It's proof that taking features from various handsome actors' faces and putting them together does not necessarily a handsome face make.

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