Fight Erupts at GOP Convention After Radio Host Alex Jones Interrupts Young Turks Show

Getty Images
Cenk Uygur

Jones and political consultant Roger Stone confronted liberal host Cenk Uygur near the arena on Thursday.

CLEVELAND — In a surreal moment at "media row," where anchors have been broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention, right-wing radio host Alex Jones and political consultant Roger Stone interrupted liberal commentator Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and the confrontation devolved into a screaming match.

As dozens of TV and radio hosts from all over the country looked on, Jones, carrying a microphone and escorted by an entourage, some with video cameras, marched to the Young Turks' stage Thursday night, just a few hours before Donald Trump accepted his nomination for president.

After Jones asked an associate to "point 'em out," he interrupted Uygur practically mid-sentence by shoving his microphone into his face and asking him a series of questions.

"I'm gonna come sit in your lap," Jones told Uygur. "Hey, how's the revolution going?"

Uygur was cordial at first, but things turned ugly when Jones handed him a shirt with the word "rape" written beneath an image of President Bill Clinton, and a fight nearly ensued when Stone jumped into the fray.

As Stone shouted at Uygur from off stage, Uygur shouted back that he was a liar and that Donald Trump had also been accused of rape.

"First of all, Alex, this ain't your f—king show, and Roger this surely ain't your f—king show," Uygur yelled.

As the scuffle escalated, the crowd of media personalities grew, and Jones continued to egg Stone on, telling him to stay so Uygur could debate him, but the Young Turks host refused. 

As staffers tried to clear the area, Uygur took the microphone from Jones and repeatedly called both Stone and Jones "sick."

Eventually, Uygur was physically restrained.

Uygur later tweeted a short version of the video with the message: "Despite unwelcome interruptions to our show by small time losers we are still broadcasting."

After the altercation, the Young Turks beefed up its security measures.

As Jones walked away, he said he was "attacked" and that he was "spit on," and he claimed he was an invited guest on the Young Turks show.

Jones also complained on his website that YouTube kept taking down his full video of the confrontation, which is below.