‘The Fighter’s’ Mark Wahlberg on Filming: ‘It Was Real Boxing’

The Fighter Movie Poster

'I was really hitting people and they hit back. Hard,' the actor tells THR.

If Mark Wahlberg's boxing scenes in The Fighter come across as very real and painful, it's because the actor took the blows himself rather than a stunt double.

"You have to make it real. I was really hitting people and they hit back. Hard," Wahlberg tells The Hollywood Reporter at the Cinema Society and Men's Health screening of The Fighter in Manhattan on Friday.

"This wasn't a stylized fight it was real boxing," he adds.

This is not to say the actor, who is garnering serious award buzz for his performance as underdog boxer Mickey Ward, didn't have a plan to deal with the pain.

"The real secret in doing a scene where I was hit in the face was to make sure it the last shot of the day," says Wahlberg.