'Birds' watching

Tippi Hedren will be honored at a 45th anniversary screening of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," set for Sunday at the Edison Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Patricia Hitchcock and Hedren's co-star Rod Taylor are scheduled to participate in the event, part of the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival.

'Rain' in Bahamas

Maria Govan's indie drama "Rain," which premiered last week at the Toronto International Film Festival, will be the opening-night feature at the Bahamas International Film Festival, which runs Dec. 4-11.

WMA on the Varsity

Brian Robbins and producing partner Sharla Sumpter Bridgett have moved their Varsity Pictures shingle from UTA to WMA. With Varsity, the duo have several produced TV and theatrical projects, including "The Nick Cannon Show," "Wild Hogs" "Coach Carter" and the upcoming spring comedy "Old Dogs."

Lunafest rising

The eighth Lunafest Film Festival, focusing on short films by women, will premiere Thursday at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Proceeds from the fest and an auction to be held Sept. 19 will benefit the Breast Cancer Fund.

Bian's next 'Life'

Executive producer Kari Bian, whose "David & Fatima" opens today in limited release in New York and Los Angeles, next will produce the inspirational docu "Secrets of Life."