Film Independent lab set


Twelve screenwriters have been chosen to participate in Film Independent's annual Screenwriters Lab, set to take place July 30-Sept. 12 in Los Angeles.

The seven-week program, designed to help writers working in independent film to improve their craft and sponsored by WGA West, will be taught by Jeff Kleeman.

The participating writers and their projects are Nicole Jefferson, "Becoming Betty Davis"; Mike Miller, "Cleave"; Suzi Yoonessi, "Dear Lemon Lima"; Tony Mosher and Mitch Larson, "Down the Dirt Road"; Drew Pillsbury, "Kiss Don't Tell"; Gretchen Somerfeld, "Miami Purity"; Garret Williams, "Mudpuppy"; Jessica Sanders, "My Daily Routine"; Cheryl Guerriero, "Palmer"; and Abigail Severance and Mo Perkins, "The Summer We Drowned."

The session's guest speakers will include writer-directors Scott Frank, Doug Atchison, Scott Prendergast and Karen Moncrieff as well as writers Jeff Stockwell and Eric Roth.