Film Independent names Project:Involve fellows

40 participants selected for mentoring program

Film Independent, the L.A.-based indie film organization, has selected 40 fellows for its annual diversity mentorship program, Project:Involve.

This year, Film Independent added a new component to the program: Industry Track, which targets individuals planning to work in the film industry as agents, managers, development executives and acquisition executives as well as in marketing, distribution and entertainment law. They will participate alongside the writers, directors and producers traditionally accepted to the program, with all participants receiving one-on-one film industry mentors, access to production-based master workshops, career development training,and industry networking opportunities.

All the fellows will participate in the short film production component of the program.

The 2010 participants are:

Elizabeth Ai, Producer

Ana Amortegui, Cinematographer

Karina Armijo, Producer

Catalina Ausin, Cinematographer

Hernando Bansuelo, Writer

Sheldon Candis, Writer/Director

Linda Ch·vez, Writer/Director

Chris Cloyd, Writer/Director

Kordo Doski, Writer/Director

Celia Esguerra, Writer

Golnar Fakhrai, Cinematographer

BÈ Garrett, Writer/Director

Kathy Huang, Documentarian

Phillip Hue, Industry Track/Distribution

Maya Kanehara, Producer

Alisa Khosrovschahi, Editor

Kaz Kipp, Producer

Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Writer/Director

Jamie Lai, Producer

Ann Le, Producer

Ignatius Lin, Writer/Director

Cynthia Liu, Documentarian

Jordan Lockett, Industry Track/Entertainment Law

Adam Martinez, Writer

MíSaada Nia, Writer/Director

Edward Osei-Gyimah, Writer/Director

Iram Parveen Bilal, Writer/Director

Paula Puryear, Writer

Syed Qasimuddin, Industry Track/Marketing

Kenneth Reyes, Industry Track/Development

Shilpi Roy, Writer/Director

Sabina Shamdasani, Producer

Justin Simien, Writer/Director

Lisa Stacilauskas, Cinematographer

Nikhol Svay, Producer

Nori Takei, Writer/Director

Rina Varughese, Industry Track/Development

Aaliyah Williams, Producer

Benjamin Wong, Writer/Director

Paul Yoo, Producer