Film Movement Picks Up Stellan Skarsgard's 'King of Devil's Island'

Historic drama tells true story of turn-of-the-century revolt at boys' reform school.

COLOGNE, Germany -- Film Movement has picked up North American rights to Norwegian historic drama King of Devil's Island starring Stellan Skarsgard. 

Marius Holst's turn-of-the-century drama is based on real events at a Norwegian boy's school in 1915. The pupils at the Bastoy reform school rebelled against their sadistic teachers and took over the school, leading to a stand off that only ended when the government sent in 150 soliders to restore order.

King of Devil's Island was well-received in its Norwegian bow late last year and is already getting buzz as a potential foreign language Oscar candidate.

Veteran Skarsgard is proving hard to avoid of late -- appearing both in Kenneth Branagh's Thor and in Lars von Trier's Cannes Festival entry Melancholia.

Film Movement will give King of Devil's Island a short theatrical release before bowing the film on cable VOD later this year.