Film trio is the life of the Party

Sigma, Zentropa, Subotica join forces with eight-pic plan

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BERLIN -- Production banners from Scotland, Denmark and Ireland have joined forces for the second time under the banner Advance Party II to develop eight new movies from filmmakers from the U.K. and Ireland.

Scotland's Sigma Films, Denmark's Zentropa and Ireland's Subotica Entertainment said Friday that the plan has the backing of Scottish Screen, the Irish Film Board, Zentropa and the U.K. Film Council's Development Fund.

Short filmmakers Paul Wright, Adrian McDowall, Esther May Campbell, Daniel Mulloy, Enda Hughes, Rory Bresnihan, Ciaran Foy and Steph Green are the eight filmmakers chosen to have debut projects developed under the collective banner.

Advance Party II aims to build on the success of the Advance Party I, which resulted in Andrea Arnold's "Red Road" and Morag McKinnon's upcoming "Donkeys."

The development plan comes with a set of rules for the filmmakers, which will be workshopped during the festival here in Berlin.

"We are very interested in the establishing collaboration between Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia because we feel there is a mental solidarity between these countries," Zentropa's Peter Aalbaek said. "Advance Party is a great step in that direction."