Filmart: Andy Lau Boards Action Thriller 'Shock Wave'

Andy Lau GETTY H 2016

Lau's new production company, Infinitus Films, will be involved in the production.

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau will produce and star in Shock Wave, a new project from Universe Films, co-financed with China's Bona Film Group.

The $23 million film will be directed by Herman Yau, with a screenplay by Yau and Erica Lee.

Lau explained his decision to produce the film in an interview: "I saw an early draft of Shock Wave from Herman three years ago, but then we were busy with other things. I have known Herman for over 20 years; he is a director that demands my respect. I felt that it's not right that we have spent three years not developing the script of Shock Wave, so I got in touch with him and hope to get the project off the ground. Also, the project is very much a Hong Kong-style action thriller, so I decided to produce and star in an important role in the film."

Lau is not one of the investors in Shock Wave, but his new production company, Infinitus Films, will be involved in the production.

Yau is one of the most prolific helmers in Hong Kong, with more than 100 films to his credit. Lau has worked with him on Don't Fool Me! (1991) and Fascination Amour (1999), but the actor-producer said he has never filmed an action thriller with the director. "I can't say I would 'hope' to have exciting chemistry with him on Shock Wave, because I'm too sure of his ability and dreams. I feel certain that the action, the drama and the whole structure of the film would be impressive," said Lau.

Filming will begin in April for a mid-2017 release. The climax of the film will feature a bomb threat in the Cross Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong. Lau will play an undercover explosive ordnance disposal bureau officer who becomes the protégé of a criminal specializing in bombs and then tries to capture him.

Having produced the award-winning A Simple Life in 2011, Lau hopes to continue the legacy of Hong Kong cinema with Shock Wave. "I hope to extend the myth of Hong Kong cinema, and hope that as much as being a commercial film, we can reach an international standard with this film," he said. "Previous films like Firestorm (2013) are the staple of Hong Kong cinema, belonging to one of the most important genres in our output. I hope to reach new heights with the Hong Kong action genre and the cops-and-robbers genre with this film."