Filmart Day 3 sees flurry of deals


HONG KONG -- A flurry of dealmaking marked the third day of the Hong Kong Filmart on Thursday, sales agents from around the region said.

Japanese movie studio Toei Co. sold German rights on two movies to Rapid Eye. Although specific figures were not given, rights to Sion Sono's horror film "Exte -- Hair Extensions" cost in the five figures, and "Yoyo Girl Cop" were in the six figures, according to Tadayuki Okubo, manager of international sales and purchasing at Toei.

Okubo said that rights to "Memories of Tomorrow" were almost wrapped up in Hong Kong, and talks with Korean buyers were progressing.

South Korea's Lotte Entertainment sold three of its movies to Thailand and Malaysia. "My Father" went to J-Bics of Thailand and Hwayea Multimedia of Malaysia and "Old Miss Diary" went to Box Office Thailand. The forthcoming Song Kang-ho title "The Show Must Go On" also went to J-Bics. Lotte also did not give exact figures, but said that all deals were in the five-figures.

iHQ, also from Korea, sold the fantasy epic "Shadowless Sword" around the world, with International Data Group Poland S.A. buying rights for Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Romania, and Viswass Films Ltd. buying rights to Malaysia and Singapore.

CJ Entertainment's "Virgin Snow," featuring the young star of the moment Lee Joon-gi, was one of the hottest titles at the market, selling to Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

South Korea's CJ had a large list of sales around the world. Borsalino bought the Latin America rights for "The Week," "The Art of Fighting" and "Face," while Trade Media bought French rights to "The Restless."

In Asia, CJ saw Taiwan's Eagle Pictures buy a six-picture package of catalogue titles, Box Office Thailand bought "Virgin Snow" and "Smalltown Rivals," Malaysia's Hwayea Multimedia bought "Virgin Snow" and "My Tutor Friend 2," and the Vietnam Media Corp. also bought "Virgin Snow."

The VMC also bought "Betty the Ugly" from Colombia's RCN. The VMC's version of the often-remade series will be 169 episodes long and begins broadcasting in June.

In addition to buying, VMC sold a six-film package to Malaysia's Astro, including new titles "Saigon Eclipse" and "Through the Night." Indonesia 's Jak TV bought two series: "39 Degrees of Love" and "Valley of Love."