Filmart: Download THR's Day 1 Daily

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Pang Ho-cheung's next film, Jackie Chan's move into film sales and why Chinese actors are saying farewell to Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter has released its first Hong Kong Filmart daily issue, including news of Pang Ho-cheung's next film and Jackie Chan's move into the international film sales business, as well as a look at why Chinese actors are saying farewell to Hollywood.

Sparkle Roll's Sales
Jackie Chan is getting into the international film sales business. The iconic actor's Beijing-based Sparkle Roll Media announced the launch of a new Hong Kong-based international sales arm, which will handle "high-quality action films and high-profile Chinese language films by acclaimed directors and top producers," according to the company. The new venture will also manage sales on all future Sparkle Roll Media productions.

English-Language Debut
Hong Kong auteur Pang Ho-cheung will make his first directing foray into English-language filmmaking with an adaptation of Lieland from Israeli novelist Etgar Keret’s 2012 short story collection Suddenly, A Knock on the Door. Lieland tells the story of a perpetual liar entering a world where all his lies came true. The film adaptation will be a CG-heavy romantic comedy.

Farewell, Hollywood
For Chinese actors, crossing over into Hollywood isn't what it used to be. No longer content to play underdeveloped roles in overstuffed tentpoles, China's screen talents are turning down Tinseltown offers in search of bigger paydays, greater exposure and meatier roles at home. THR takes a look at the trend away from La La Land.

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