Filmart: Download THR's Day 3 Daily

Johnnie To's third 'Election' film, a chat about the controversial Hong Kong indie 'Ten Years' and a selection of nearby post-fest getaways.

The Hollywood Reporter released its third Hong Kong Filmart daily issue, featuring exclusive news that Johnnie To has been working on a third Election film, a chat with one of the directors of the controversial Hong Kong indie Ten Years and a selection of nearby post-fest getaways.

Ready for Election 3
Director Johnnie To is eyeing Election 3 for a tentative 2018 production date. The Hong Kong auteur told THR exclusively that he is almost finished with the script of the third installment of his critically acclaimed series, and is considering whether Louis Koo will reprise his role in the third film.

Inside Ten Years
The five directors of Ten Years never expected their film to make it to theaters, but through rapid word-of-mouth, the film began to sell out its limited screenings, moving to bigger theaters due to demand and eventually going on to gross 10 times its budget — and triggered the Chinese government to ban the live telecast of the Hong Kong Film Awards since it was up for best film. Jevons Au, who directed the segment Dialect, spoke to THR about why Ten Years needed to be made and why it has struck a chord with the local population.

Relax After Filmart
Days of intense dealmaking at Filmart can take it out of the best of us, so what better way to unwind after the market than a quick trip somewhere to recharge the batteries? THR picks five very different places to suit all tastes where you can lose yourself for a few days. And best of all, they are all only a few short hours on a plane from Hong Kong.

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