FilmFunds Launches Mobile Social Marketing Tool in Toronto

Replacing live test screening, the crowd-sourcing technology aims to measure audience reaction to film trailers ahead of a potential green light.

TORONTO -- Farewell to live test screening?

FilmFunds has unveiled a mobile social marketing app at the Toronto International Film Festival to help producers green-light films.

The web and mobile tool will enable film producers to access a database of 60 million moviegoers to crowd-source opinion on a potential project well before it goes to cameras and velvet ropes are raised for a movie release.

“It offers a barometer and helps move content through the pipeline by creating an audience for it, giving millions of entertainment fans a stronger emotional connection by letting them become part of the creative process,” FilmFunds co-founder Shelly Palmer explained.

The mobile app uses search and video recognition technology to allow users to assess movie content by snapping a photo of a video trailer, for example, and then receiving information about the content.

FilmFunds said the mobile app can measure audience reaction to real-time facial reactions and emotions during test previews.

FilmFunds is demonstrating the new technology to industry players at Bell Lightbox throughout the festival’s September 8 to 18 run.