Police Search for American Filmmaker Missing in Canadian Wildnerness


Ohio documentary maker Warren Andrew Sill went into the wilds of British Columbia on July 4 in search of the elusive spirit bear, and is now the subject of an expanding RCMP rescue mission.

TORONTO – An Ohio documentary maker that went into the British Columbia wilderness to capture footage of giant bears is now the subject of an expanding police search and rescue operation.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in New Hazelton, B.C. say Warren Andrew Sill was not an experienced outdoors man, prompting a search of the Whiskey Creek trail in the Seven Sisters Provincial Park after his SUV vehicle was reported missing on July 10.

RCMP spokeswoman Constable Lesley Smith told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that multiple search and rescue teams are looking at the prospect that Sill may have set out without enough food and water, and became disoriented and lost.

“As well, he may have went out exploring and lost his footing on the high river banks and fell into one of the creeks, and there’s quite a drop down in certain areas,” Smith added.

The RCMP is also working on the assumption that Sill may have been confronted by local bears or other dangerous wildlife.

The RCMP are using volunteers, police dogs, an ATV and a local helicopter to search dense forest lands for signs of the American filmmaker.

Sill last spoke to his son, Andrew, on July 4, telling him he was in the area to make a documentary on the elusive spirit bear.

Sill left in his vehicle a map indicating where he intended to scout for a possible base camp and shooting locations, helping search and rescue personnel to possibly narrow the area where he may be located.

Unfortunately, Sill’s tent and other overnight camping equipment was also found in his vehicle, leading the RCMP to conclude the filmmaker had set out on a day trip before getting lost in the vast wilderness.

"We… have a number of files where searches have ended up in a positive result, where we found someone who survived. We’re hopeful in finding him (Sill) before anything else happens,” RCMP Constable Smith said.

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