Filmmakers Ask Fans to 'Adopt a Liberal Entertainer' in Marketing Campaign

"Hating Breitbart"

Whether they want them or not, actors like Sean Penn and Danny Glover could be getting DVDs of the documentary "Hating Breitbart" in their mailboxes.

A film that explores media bias has launched an “adoption” service for consumers who buy into the theory that Hollywood and most mainstream journalists consistently deliver left-wing messages.

The film, Hating Breitbart, opens a second limited run in theaters May 17, when it is also released on DVD and available on VOD.

The campaign at the movie’s website lets visitors “adopt a liberal entertainer” or a “liberal journalist,” as well as a liberal professor, lawmaker, college student or Supreme Court justice.

Adoption costs $18.99 and it allows the user to have a Hating Breitbart DVD mailed to a member of their chosen category.

Adoption of a liberal entertainer, for example, ensures that a DVD will be mailed to one of several celebrities, including Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover or Joy Behar. Adoption of a liberal journalist will trigger the mailing of a DVD to the likes of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper.

Whether the intended targets watch the movie or not is another matter.

“It’s similar to those groups who arrange for Americans to sponsor malnourished children overseas,” said director Andrew Marcus. “Only in this case we’re talking about intellectually malnourished members of our media.”

The film is a documentary about Andrew Breitbart, a deceased new-media conservative who always framed his stories -- Anthony Weiner’s pornographic tweets, for example -- in a way that would expose alleged liberal bias in the media.

“These are people who live in an echo chamber,” Marcus said of mainstream journalists. “We want to help them hear other points of view … We think of it as sensitivity training for insensitive liberal members of the establishment.”

An R-rated version of Hating Breitbart was released theatrically in November and generated just $81,000 in eight theaters. The movie has been re-cut and is now rated PG-13. A trailer is below. The movie is being distributed on DVD and theatrically by Freestyle Releasing.