Filmmakers go Green on piracy at Pusan


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BUSAN, South Korea -- Adopting the motto "No piracy allowed in Korea," a new campaign aimed to thwart illegal downloading will be launched Friday at the 12th annual Pusan International Film Festival.

International filmmakers as well as the Korean animated character Robot Taekwon will join forces at the PIFF Village at 11 a.m. to inaugurate the Green Mind Campaign, supported by the Korean Film Council and such government organizations as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of of Information and Communication and the city of Busan.

Online and offline piracy are an endemic problem in Korea. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative put Korea on its Priority Watch List in 2004 because of online piracy, downgrading it to its regular watch list in 2005.

In its most recent estimate, the MPA, representing the six major U.S. studios, said piracy in the Asia-Pacific region accounts for $1.2 billion in lost revenue, and it singled out P2P online piracy as a "significant concern in countries with high broadband penetration rates such as South Korea and Japan."

Green Mind's mission is to alert the public about the danger of illegal downloading and the threat it poses to Asian film culture and business. Gaonnuri, the Korean intercollegiate organization, has already announced its support of the campaign.