FilmPort provides Deluxe accommodations


TORONTO -- Postproduction giant Deluxe Entertainment Services Group said Monday that it will relocate its Toronto facility in 2010 to FilmPort, the city's upcoming mega-studio.

Deluxe will become FilmPort's first permanent tenant when it occupies an 80,000-square-foot office building scheduled to open in two years.

Until then, Deluxe will continue to provide film/video/digital postproduction services out of a facility in downtown Toronto.

Ken Ferguson, president of Toronto Film Studios, which is building FilmPort on Toronto's portlands, said the planned Deluxe facility will complement the high-end movie and TV shoots expected to eventually fill the mega-studio's sound stages.

"There's the sheer convenience factor. They (filmmakers) don't need to find time and get transportation to the post house. They just need to walk across the road," he said.

FilmPort is similarly negotiating with a range of equipment suppliers, wardrobe and costume houses and union guilds to get them to occupy space in another 280,000-square-foot office building being designed by British architect Will Allsop.