FilmSharks Hooks International Rights to 'Misfits'

Film won audience award at latest Guadalajara Film Festival.

BUENOS AIRES – Guido Rud's sales company FilmSharks has acquired international sales rights to The Misfits, which won the Audience Award at the last edition of Guadalajara Film Festival, one of the main fests in Latin America.

The film was produced by Beanca Films and Los Gueros, and is a episodic piece with segments directed by Jorge Ramírez Suárez [Rabbit on the MoonSergio Tovar Velarde [Aurora Boreal], Javier Colinas [Revolucion] and Marco Polo Constandse.

Starring Luis Arrieta, Luis Ernesto FrancoTiaré Scanda, and Paola Nuñez, the four episodes tell decidedly different stories. In Casco, a lonely man with no will to live meets a girl who introduces him to her family as a big porno star. In Elevador, an arrogant lawyer receives a lesson after being locked up in an elevator with a very authentic maid.Chat features a computer freak in an online blind date with a stranger who turns out to be not that strange. And Robo tells the story of five elderly people at the brink of death preparing a bank robbery so they can feel alive again.