Filmula's Johnny Lin secures Taiwan rights to Miramax titles (Exclusive)


News comes as Lin prepares to head to Cannes with his "Queen of Hearts."

Producer Johnny Lin’s Filmula has closed a deal for the home video and digital rights to 281 Miramax titles -- including Chicago and Good Will Hunting-- in Taiwan.

Filmula is the producing arm of Studio Solutions Group, which is connected to one of the largest movie distributor in Taiwan and other parts of Asia, releasing film theatrically and direct-to-DVD titles.

The five-year deal with Miramax includes some of the company’s best known and critically acclaimed movies, including Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bill pics and the Spy Kids franchise. The package also comes with rights to television programs like Project Runway, Project Greenlight and The Osbournes.

“I am very glad to conclude a deal that will offer such an incredible group of films to Taiwanese audiences,” Lin said.

Lin announced the pact as he prepares to head to the Cannes Film Festival with Queen of Hearts, the first film from Filmula’s recently announced production fund. The fund will cover a slate of over eight projects.

Queen of Hearts, starring Anita Briem, Kadeem Hardison and Tanc Sade, makes it world premiere in the Festival’s short corner Corner.

Lin wrote, directed and produced Queen of Hearts.

Filmula has offices in Los Angeles and Taiwan.