Fincher made exception for 'Zodiac'


CANNES -- "Zodiac" director David Fincher said he promised himself not to make another film about a serial killer after 1995's "Seven." But he said the script for "Zodiac" was too good to pass up.

"Really, it's only about a serial killer for the first 35 minutes," Fincher said Thursday during a press briefing after the film's In Competition screening at the Palais. "After that it's a newspaper movie and a movie about the reactions to what was happening."

Does that mean he's back to staying away from serial killer films in the future?

"I'd do another newspaper film like this one," he said. "But a straight film about serial killer film? It would have to be pretty interesting in some way."

The early Thursday screening of the 158-minute film was full and well received, with star Jake Gyllenhaal the main attraction at a lighthearted briefing afterward. One two-part question posed asked Fincher if he felt Gyllenhaal was one of the best acting talents of his generation -- Fincher said he was -- with a follow-up to Gyllenhaal about working with co-star Robert Downey Jr.

Gyllenhaal at first deflected the question. "I'm sorry," he said, "I was still thinking about being one of the best talents of my generation."