Find Out What Priyanka Chopra's Hairstylist Carries in His Bag

Selfie stick? Included.

Given that Priyanka Chopra's mane man works with hair for a living, it makes sense for him to carry around the best hair brush in the biz.

While raiding hairstylist Castillo's bag, the actress finds a Mason Pearson brush, which she describes as "the best brushes in the world." Of course, Castillo, who poses with Chopra for The Hollywood Reporter's 2016 Beauty Issue, was the one who first told her about the must-have hair tool.

After going through the rest of his things, Chopra doesn't find anything outrageous though. "Nothing scary, nothing scandalous. Something should have come out of it," says Chopra, before suggesting that if they had gone through her bag, it could have been a different story.

Watch the video above to see what Castillo carries in his bag — and if they'll check out Chopra's bag.