Find Your Next Holiday Party Dress at First-Ever U.S. Global Fashion Exchange

Courtesy of Global Fashion Exchange

The event, founded by the Danish Fashion Institute in 2013 and launched in Copenhagen, is headed to Hollywood and giving attendees a chance to swap their clothes for free

There hasn't been much chatter about the Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) in L.A., but soon there will be. The Exchange, founded by the Danish Fashion Institute in 2013 and launched during Copenhagen Fashion Week, gives shoppers an opportunity to swap clothes for free — and it's coming to Hollywood's Dolby Theatre on Nov. 20 from 4 to 8 p.m.

Yes, it's all totally free! At the Danish launch, 1,500 people swapped seven tons of used clothes, with the event's goal being to prolong the life of clothes and accessories. Consumers save money, but the effort is really about saving raw materials, energy, water and chemicals used in the production of fashion. The Exchange also serves to change the mind-set of the consumer to act more responsibly and never let fashion go to waste. Any garment that isn't swapped on Thursday will be recycled. 

Bring one discarded item (or more) with you and get one or more newbies — newbies to you, anyway. This is totally one way to get a new holiday party look without its costing an arm and a leg — or anything at all, actually. And there is absolutely no admission charge. Green fashion, indeed. Green is the new black.

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