New 'Finding Dory' Trailer: Ellen DeGeneres' Character Returns Home to Old Friends

The 'Finding Nemo' sequel showcases Dory's search for her family.

Ellen DeGeneres introduced a brand new trailer for her much-anticipated Finding Dory film on Wednesday.

In the trailer, Dory is watching Nemo and his class learn about sting ray migration when she remembers she has a family. "I miss them, do you know what that feels like?" she says to Nemo and his father, Marlin, before they all decide to return to her home in search of her parents.

On the way Dory runs into an old friend who recounts their friendship, "It was so much fun because I'd tell you a story and then you'd completely forget about it and then I'd get to tell it to you over and over again," says the friend.

The movie is mostly set at the Marine Biology Institute of California, a large rehabilitation facility for marine life, where Dory was born and raised.

Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy are the voices of Dory's parents, joining the voices of DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ty Burrell, Ed O'Neill and Kaitlin Olson in the film, which hits theaters on June 17.