Finecut makes deal for 'Devil'

Kim Jee-woon film stars 'G.i. Joe' veteran Lee Byung-hun

SEOUL -- “I Saw the Devil,” a new film by director Kim Jee-woon (“The Good, The Bad and The Weird”) was picked up by Seoul-based sales company Finecut. 

An action noir, the film deals with a secret agent tracing a serial killer who had murdered his fiancée. The actor Choi Min-sik from “OldBoy” plays the film’s psychopath, and Lee Byung-hun from “G.I. Joe: The Resurrection of the Cobra” will star as the vengeful intelligence agent. Lee had also played the secret agent in the popular spy drama series “Iris.”

Kim has had a prolific career with films including “A Tale of Two Sisters” and “Bittersweet Life.” His pictures are typically known for a unique mis-en-scene and a solid fanbase of commercial genre films. His latest film “The God, The Bad, The Weird” had attracted over 7 million theatrical admissions in Korea.

The picture is scheduled to be released late summer this year.