FiOS tunes into

Site offers access to Cinemax content to subscribers

NEW YORK -- Verizon's FiOS TV video service is the first TV distributor to offer, a new online video destination for subscribers of HBO's Cinemax that provides broadband access to Cinemax content.

In February, FiOS had launched the HBO Go broadband site  which also helps distributors expand their offers under the so-called TV Everywhere initiative, which aims to make more cable content available online to people who subscribe to a certain network.

The Cinemax site features more than 700 hours of Cinemax programming monthly. Max Go, available to FiOS subscribers as of Thursday, supports Verizon sub-accounts to allow multiple users from the same household to use the service.

Meanwhile, HBO plans to roll out its HBO Go and Max Go services to other distributors. "We expect to be out with other affiliates by end of year," a spokesman said.
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