First 3D baseball game hits Japan

Live game will slide in two days before US broadcast

TOKYO – The world’s first live 3D broadcast of a baseball game will be provided through NTT Plala’s Hikari TV on July 8.
The game, between Hanshin Tigers (Osaka) and Yakult Swallows (Tokyo), will be broadcast two days before the planned 3D airing of a Mariners vs Yankees game in the U.S.
Both games will be filmed using Panasonic technology, and the Japanese game will be broadcast in cooperation with Mainichi Broadcasting through the Hikari fiber-optic Internet service, which has around one million subscribers. There will be no extra charge to subscribers, though they will need 3D-capable TV sets.
NTT Plala is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the former state-run telecoms giant which is still one-third government owned.
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